Friday, December 18, 2009

i have a black and white affair to attend on saturday and i need to find something appropriate to wear.

the last few days have been really lovelylazy. hung out with some people that i haven't seen in a while, watched some movies at cassy's, and made some christmas presents.

oh i totally forgot that i have to make a birthday present for someone, as well.

my mum has surgery on monday. i'm really kind of nervous but am trying to keep my cool so its easy for her. i'm going to clean up the house again today and hopefully no boys mess it up like they do everyday.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

whenever one chapter ends, another begins.
i intend on doing rather important things today.
i can't wait for spring.

i need a pen pal... and money for stamps.

Monday, December 14, 2009

ashby row held a christmas party this past friday. i was almost unable to go and almost died on the way.
it was a great time, anyway.

i really wish that i still had and could still fit in my tap shoes from when i was young and in dance.
i would probably wear them every day.

also, i made this skirt for the party with extra fabric i had from my halloween costume.
alyssa provided me with a zipper which is exposed in the back and crooked. oh well.

i haven't started on anyone's christmas present and i only have ten days to do so.
honestly, i just feel really uninspired.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

true to december

today, joshua had a meeting downtown, so i picked alyssa up on the way to kill the time with me.
we went to the library to return our books. i checked out every book by helen oyeyemi that they had since i loved "white is witching" so much.
we took some pictures in the central park with all of the christmas characters. it brought back many memories from when i was a child and my mum would bring my brother and myself there.
its december third and it just decided to snow today. more like hail, really. i don't even mind, though. i feel prepared compared to last year when i had to wait out for the bus everyday in five feet of snow. there will be no bus waiting this year!!

also, in my spare time, i started on little foxy. she still doesn't have legs, but a few of my creatures don't. once i put a dress on them i loose interest.

my little brother and joshua are watching a very odd musical from the seventies that i guess won for best cinematography the year that it was released. granted, yes it is filmed well, its just a little corny for my liking. oh well. i have two books to read so i'm going to get on that. first, "The Icarus Girl"