Friday, September 25, 2009

i'm an idiot. i found my camera on my desk today.
my bedroom is a terrible mess and i should really consider moving "cleanliness" up my priorities list. and move things such as my computer and adult swim down the list.

sometimes i think i have turned into the same person that my inner self frowns upon.

i'm nervous to visit chicago and spend all of the money that i'm going to save.
my hours got cut at work, so saving is going to be just that much harder.
i'd like to save up two thousand and then i will move.

i'm going to look into some scholarships or grants for school. i really wish that booker would have worked out as planned. i really feel like i had my whole life laid out in front of me and all of the sudden the road beneath my feet was just yanked out from under me.

i'm going to go to bed, hopefully wake up early, and accomplish something before work.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

cabin fever

i'm quite tiered of not having my camera. more than anything, i'm upset with myself for loosing it. theres been so many moments that i've wished i had it, and so many things that i've yet to even have the change to take a photo of. maybe i'm just not meant to have nice things seems how my computer is constantly "getting sick" as i say. maybe its just time? i've had my macbook since december of 2006, and really i don't know how long the life-span is supposed to be of my computer. my family has had a desktop imac die out on us along with three mac monitors. maybe mac is just too good to be true?

i apologize for the mini-rant. the whole point of this was to have a mini-rant about how i wish i could stop and get coffee on the way to alyssa's house instead of having to gulp it down before i leave. i'd really like to move. my dad was talking to me about it yesterday after i came home with more nic-nacks ("junk" as he calls it) and asked "wouldn't you like somewhere to put all of your things?" why yes, father. more than anything. especially since every time i buy something new i imagine it in the apartment that i've built in my mind for myself.

i'm too old to live in my parent's basement.
i'm too behind in life not to.

oh, last and not least, i love rosa, but i hate her bike. i'd love to go for a smooth cruise on my beautiful yellow bike, but no. joshua take mine and i get stuck with little kid bike that my legs are much too long for. i feel like a giant in comparison to it. or at least, my bike does.

i haven't been able to take these boots off once since the deering ladies let me have them.
they are too perfect. too think that i almost spent two hundred dollars on a pair of docs?

Friday, September 18, 2009

unlucky, they say.

my camera is missing, and its probably my own fault.
i'm unable to go do what i want to tonight because i love my parents, and will not have them driving around smashed.
i think i'm getting sick. that part is alyssa's fault.
this last half hour before i leave for work has gone by painfully slow.
now that i know i'm not going, i just want to get the night over with.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


surprisingly, last night was really enjoyable. joshua, alyssa, samantha and i went to sherman bowling alley due to my free game coupons. each and everyone of us hates bowling, but it was still fun. afterwards we played a game of pool and then sat in sam's car and listened to some music. joshua and i came home and watched some futurama before bed.

the weather is beautiful today. bright blue skies, soft breeze, and just hitting seventy. i have to appreciate these days because i know that they will be short lived, and winter is creeping around the corner. i need to invest in some warm boots since the leather ones i got from aldo last year have fallen apart. a few more pairs of thick tights would be nice as well, since i absolutely refuse to put away my skirts for the cold weather.

on another note, joshua would really like to get his and i's music project going, especially now that i've got my macbook working again. i had inspiration for a song last night while lying in bed and tried to record while he was away today. it didn't work out as i imagined, but i assume these things take time and i'm still not up to par on my recording skills.