Thursday, September 24, 2009

cabin fever

i'm quite tiered of not having my camera. more than anything, i'm upset with myself for loosing it. theres been so many moments that i've wished i had it, and so many things that i've yet to even have the change to take a photo of. maybe i'm just not meant to have nice things seems how my computer is constantly "getting sick" as i say. maybe its just time? i've had my macbook since december of 2006, and really i don't know how long the life-span is supposed to be of my computer. my family has had a desktop imac die out on us along with three mac monitors. maybe mac is just too good to be true?

i apologize for the mini-rant. the whole point of this was to have a mini-rant about how i wish i could stop and get coffee on the way to alyssa's house instead of having to gulp it down before i leave. i'd really like to move. my dad was talking to me about it yesterday after i came home with more nic-nacks ("junk" as he calls it) and asked "wouldn't you like somewhere to put all of your things?" why yes, father. more than anything. especially since every time i buy something new i imagine it in the apartment that i've built in my mind for myself.

i'm too old to live in my parent's basement.
i'm too behind in life not to.

oh, last and not least, i love rosa, but i hate her bike. i'd love to go for a smooth cruise on my beautiful yellow bike, but no. joshua take mine and i get stuck with little kid bike that my legs are much too long for. i feel like a giant in comparison to it. or at least, my bike does.

i haven't been able to take these boots off once since the deering ladies let me have them.
they are too perfect. too think that i almost spent two hundred dollars on a pair of docs?

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