Tuesday, September 1, 2009


surprisingly, last night was really enjoyable. joshua, alyssa, samantha and i went to sherman bowling alley due to my free game coupons. each and everyone of us hates bowling, but it was still fun. afterwards we played a game of pool and then sat in sam's car and listened to some music. joshua and i came home and watched some futurama before bed.

the weather is beautiful today. bright blue skies, soft breeze, and just hitting seventy. i have to appreciate these days because i know that they will be short lived, and winter is creeping around the corner. i need to invest in some warm boots since the leather ones i got from aldo last year have fallen apart. a few more pairs of thick tights would be nice as well, since i absolutely refuse to put away my skirts for the cold weather.

on another note, joshua would really like to get his and i's music project going, especially now that i've got my macbook working again. i had inspiration for a song last night while lying in bed and tried to record while he was away today. it didn't work out as i imagined, but i assume these things take time and i'm still not up to par on my recording skills.

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