Friday, September 25, 2009

i'm an idiot. i found my camera on my desk today.
my bedroom is a terrible mess and i should really consider moving "cleanliness" up my priorities list. and move things such as my computer and adult swim down the list.

sometimes i think i have turned into the same person that my inner self frowns upon.

i'm nervous to visit chicago and spend all of the money that i'm going to save.
my hours got cut at work, so saving is going to be just that much harder.
i'd like to save up two thousand and then i will move.

i'm going to look into some scholarships or grants for school. i really wish that booker would have worked out as planned. i really feel like i had my whole life laid out in front of me and all of the sudden the road beneath my feet was just yanked out from under me.

i'm going to go to bed, hopefully wake up early, and accomplish something before work.

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