Thursday, December 3, 2009

true to december

today, joshua had a meeting downtown, so i picked alyssa up on the way to kill the time with me.
we went to the library to return our books. i checked out every book by helen oyeyemi that they had since i loved "white is witching" so much.
we took some pictures in the central park with all of the christmas characters. it brought back many memories from when i was a child and my mum would bring my brother and myself there.
its december third and it just decided to snow today. more like hail, really. i don't even mind, though. i feel prepared compared to last year when i had to wait out for the bus everyday in five feet of snow. there will be no bus waiting this year!!

also, in my spare time, i started on little foxy. she still doesn't have legs, but a few of my creatures don't. once i put a dress on them i loose interest.

my little brother and joshua are watching a very odd musical from the seventies that i guess won for best cinematography the year that it was released. granted, yes it is filmed well, its just a little corny for my liking. oh well. i have two books to read so i'm going to get on that. first, "The Icarus Girl"

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