Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today Joshua and I tried working on our music project. It didn't go as well as planned since dinner interfered.
I think we're going to try again tomorrow. I wish it were easier to collaberate together. I think we both just have really different tastes in music and different ideas of what we want our sound to be. I know that the final project will be great, especially if he allows me to throw in the odd noises that I would love to. We're both just so damn picky.

We made bagel sandwiches for dinner and watched some music videos with my parents.
Oh, somewhere in there we went to rescued treasures. I found a huge cozy sweater and some broaches. I tried to buy Joshua a bright plaid shirt and a lovely blue blazer, but he said he would rathr go back later. He can be so goofy.

Anyway, now we're just sitting around watching adult swim.
I'm excited to get working again tomorrow.

I'm sorry this is such a boring post. I'm kind of having a cozy day, you know.

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