Monday, November 9, 2009

yesterday was absolutely beautiful. i'll post pictures later.
today, played some discgolf.
making dinner for mum. i'm super hungry and want to start now but she doesn't even get out of work for an hour.

the neighbor just came over and asked me to babysit on wednesday. fantastic. i could use the extra money and her two children are just adorable.

so is their cat, so i hope cat sitting is included.

i almost enjoy not having a computer anymore. i spend far less time doing nothing and much more time giggling and goofing around with joshua. i've kind of been feeling like a child, lately.

the manager at plumbs asked me what i was making for dinner today, since i'm such a regular (like more than once a day). i told her i was making dinner for my mom. she said "is she coming to your house?" oh... ummm "i still live with my mom." "what about.. your boyfriend?" uhh "yeah, him too."

i need to get out. i'm more than meant to be independent.
chicago? most likely.

ryan says we can do films.

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