Friday, November 6, 2009

yesterday was rather close to perfect.
made eggs in a basket for breakfast for joshua and myself followed by shower and yoga.
after getting ready for the day him and i went to some stores close by to turn in resumes. i'm crossing my fingers that Mango's around the corner from my house will be hiring soon.
when we came home i doodled for a while he read Ham on Rye and then my mum took me to see "Bright Star". I didn't love it for it moved a little too slow for my liking. However, i was moved enough by John Keat's poetry that i begged Josh to pick me up a book of his poetry if they have one at the library. if not, i'll take any poetry book.
after the movie i did some hand sewing since my machine refuses to work. now, my big comfy sweater is not too big.
late in the night we went up to plumbs to get ingredients for home-made hummus. i messed up and added WAY too much lemon, so until we get some more chickpeas it is uneatable.

Today, however, has not been so perfect. Joshua has to go downtown for probation and then is hanging out with Cory all day, leaving me home by myself until i have to go to work. My dad got mad at me for chipping a glass and said i had to replace it.
he also said some other things that mildly stressed me out, but i'm not going to go into that.

Oh, my mom's friend Laurie told me she would help me on my road to college life. fanfuckingtastic. cross your fingers that the world doesn't end, because i'll be really upset if i wasted the last two years of my life going to college instead of living.

i need to go pick my little brother up from school now.
its the weekend. hope for the best.

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