Sunday, November 22, 2009

bright side

autumn is coming to an end and winter is slyly moving in. this weekend i helped my mum put up our chistmas trees and decorations. the house feels so warm and cozy. i love the holidays so much and cannot wait for thanksgiving.

joshua has been in chicago all weekend and i've been going a little crazy. however, my room is super clean since i've had so much time to kill.
today, i spent the majority of my time laying around or blog surfing. i feel like reading other people's blogs and looking at other's pictures helps me find the beauty in my own life. like, i'm inspired just to look within myself, i guess. blog-reading did make me yearn for the warmth of summer, though. i hate that i always want whatever season it isn't. really though, i am looking forward to the snow a little bit, just not the cold.

also, i was looking for photoshop on my parent's computer today and i stumbled across this picture from when i was fifteen.
it so odd. when i was fifteen and in school, we were often asked where we saw ourselves in five years. five years later and i'm still in the same place, with the same person, in the same house, in the same body, and doing mildly similar things. at least, i kill time the same way. i think i've got to go.

oh, how i miss innocence... and having hair. i'm really going to try to grow it out this time. i've been saying it for years and normally when it gets to my shoulders i just cut it all off again. but not this time! i will be strong and so will my hair.

i should probably go to sleep, but i'm not very tiered and i've been a little freaked out by our house's ghost lately.
last night, for example, i was home alone for the first time in a while. as i sat in silence on the computer in our den, i heard a tapping noise. it sounded as though someone was standing on the opposite side of the wall and tapping their finger sporadically into it. i honestly don't think i've ever experienced anything creepier.

i'm glad that i burned a cd so that when i do go to bed i'll have something to listen to since my ipod refuses to work.

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  1. I got exactly the same problemm with my hair! When they reach the length of max. 10cm over my shoulder I cut them off! And it looks good when they're short but I ask myself everytime when I see a girl with realy long and beautiful hair, how long mine could be now =)!
    Now I'm also back on letting them good luck for your hairmission by the way!

    Oh yes and your ghoststory sounds absolutely spooky...

    Greetings from vienna!