Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Very Important To Do:

1. be more optimistic
2. begin each day with bright eyes & yoga
3. never be short tempered with joshua
4. read all books
5. find another job as soon as possible
6. when no. 5 is completed, save all money for college
7. when no. 6 is completed, go to business school
8. never pretend that you don't know what you want
9. never watch television because you are bored
10. appreciate
11. learn french
12. do more laundry
13. be more cleanly
14. smile. be kind
15. when no. 1-15 are completed get a passport
16. when no. 15 is completed move across the atlantic.

my macbook is terribly confused and does not know where its hard-drive is located.
i caught an awful cold in chicago that my body cannot shake off.
i begin tomorrow. this is a new leaf.
i will no longer sit back and let myself do nothing.

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