Tuesday, October 27, 2009

i honestly feel like life is continually shoving metal down my throat. my body just cannot digest that sort of thing.

number one on my list of things "to do" today was fill out and bring in my Nuvo application. so, i'm on their website reading about, starting to fill out my application for financial aid, flipping from the fasfa page to the nuvo page, when i scroll down and read the fine print. "please enclose $115 for your registration fee." wonderful. thats my entire bank account and i'm going to chicago in three days. honestly, i would rather not even go anymore. its so expensive and stressful. we don't even know if we have a way there anymore. too bad i already spent forty dollars on a ticket.

if only i had a real job i could just go to booker as planned.
ugh. why oh WHY doesn't booker offer financial aid anymore?
am i just destined to never have any college degree?

certainly, it is possible to do what i want to do in my life without a degree, but it would be so helpful to have a REAL job while saving up to create my dream job.
funny that i call it my dream job. i've been having these dreams of this little coffee shop called "the generational cafe". i think the building that the cafe is in is called the generational, though. its very cozy inside and the coffee is always spiced with cinnamon just the way i like it.

joshua and i got into a conversation last night about how i always complain and never do anything about it. i think he is most definitely correct. i, however, tend to not be capable of fixing the things that i complain about most. i must have a mental block or something.

anyway. i'm done complaining. sorry thats all i really use my blog for ever.
time to do things that i've got to do.


  1. oh that is all a bit messy and hard

    at least the photo is very pretty : )

  2. Love it !


  3. i know exactly what you're saying about that mental block, I'm very familiar with this feeling. if it make you feel better, love the mustard yellow. heads up!