Friday, July 17, 2009

i hate where i live.

Today, (as in the last hour and fifteen minutes) i have truely come to terms with what a tiresome, characterless, nothing & nowhere place muskegon michigan really is.

I left my place of work (The Harbour Towne Yacht Club) at 8:47 this evening with eight dollars and sixty three cents to my name. Truly, i believed that this would be enough money to allow me to do something even mildly exiting and entertaining. just as many human beings do i thought to myself "hell yeah, its friday night. tgif blablabla". however, (and i could blame this on my lack of cellular device, but i won't) i was unable to find a single thing to do. I professed my desire for company via facebookstatus got one reply from
someone i don't really even know, which was deleted shortly after being posted. The few friends i could get ahold of were either at somebody's house who i don't really care for or tired and at home.

At least i can say "Thank the Heavens for Joshua Crocker & Pablo's Tacos".
Around midnight josh and myself got fed up with the inevitable failure and discussed our options. The only thing that was even open in the entire of muskegon was Pablo's. I had to admit that i wasn't really in the mood for taco's let alone food in general; i just wanted coffee. Once again, Thank the Heavens because Pablo's not only has coffee, but has really delicious coffee for a mexican food resteraunt.

Back to muskegon being a shithole:
In this next week i am going to do every little thing that there is in my power to sign up for and have paid for school so that i might leave this town with a "skill under my belt" (as my father says) and be able to go onto bigger and better things and places.

Whoever chooses to stay here their whole life has got to be mentally insane.


  1. sorry about your luck.

  2. Caitria...

    I completely agree with you... look at all of us girls.. we got out and so should you! You are too smart and worldly to be living in a town with one of the highest unemplyment rates in the state.

    On another note: I do envy you for living so close to beautiful lake Michigan with the state parks and trails and dunes... many fun and crazy things happened in those places... maybe you should make some more memories there before you ditch the shithole!

    also-What happened to G.R.?

    hope things look up for you...
    love you,

  3. i love pablos. when did you leave GR?

  4. i left grand rapids in april when i got fired from my job.