Saturday, July 18, 2009

Simple Fix

Last evening, after creating this blog, i made a weak attempt at going to sleep. However, i was all jittery from drinking too much coffee too late in the evening and absolutely had to do something with myself. I looked around my room at all of the clothes that i always intend to "do something" with and decided that i should actually start / finish a few.

Sometime this past week i picked up a pair of old Levi's from the Rescue Mission up the road from my house. They fit me perfectly in the waist but not so much in the legs (i basically have spaghetti-noodle legs). A simple alteration and a quick snip of the length and my 80's Levi jeans have turned into a pair of high waisted shorts!

In addition to the shorts, (which i realize i'm probably a little bit too exited about) i made some simple changes to a plaid h&m dress that i own. I never liked the straps much because they were so thick, so i cut the straps off and made them into little bows to attach to the front of the dress.

Finally, i took a dress from f21 that pretty much looked like a slutty clubbing dress and made it into a romper. i look forward to wearing it on a bike-ride because its now super comfortable.

Anyway, i should probably go play disc with joshua before he goes crazy and i have to leave for work.

farewell, blog.

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