Monday, July 20, 2009

private beach.

Saturday night Alyssa and Kalie came over to m
y house with the offer of a bonfire on a neighborhood private beach. The idea sounded splendid. but, of course, there is always
at least one problem: none of us have a car. so, with s
pur of the moment genius, i asked my little brother's friend to give us a ride.

The bonfire was cozy and nice. a few people played guitar while alyssa, kalie, and i sang along.
we ended up staying out until six or so in the morning before we went back to evan's house. i
drove to bk to get everyone some spicychickensmadelikewopper
and myself some fries. the house was big, beautiful, and absolutely empty so it was really fun to run around in.

in the morning we woke up early and came home.
joshua and i made breakfast following it quickly by some pineapple pizza to suck up our hangovers.

afterwards, we laid around until five when we decided it would be a great idea to go visit alyssa at ghezzi's. polish roses and jones soda mmm. i hung around with her for a little bit and asked questions
about booze and cigars until i realized that i could get her in trouble for staying there so long. road back home, watched brick, followed by witches of eastwick, and then went to bed.

today i go to east lansing.
tomorrow waterford.

also, i think my toenail is going to fall off pretty soon.

gross, huh?

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